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Here are some demo applications I'm working on.
Go to Green Up Map

Green Up Map

Green Up Map is a Google Maps application that allows Green Up volunteers to “claim” the route they’re going to clean up.

Go to Points of Interest

Points of Interest

The Points Of Interest app uses Google Maps’ Places API to find points of interest in Essex Junction, Vermont.

Go to Blob


Blob is an on-line game that challenges a player to finagle a circle into a blob. Who remembers lava lamps?

Go to Marvel Comics

Marvel Comics

The Marvel Comics app uses the Marvel API to query Marvel’s extensive comic database.

Go to Dashboard


Dashboard is a demo application using the Highcharts API to create a dynamic dashboard display.

Go to Property transfers

Property transfers

Query 2016 property transfer records available from the Vermont Dept. of Taxes.

Go to LEDfx


LEDfx is an Android app which uses the WS2812FX Arduino library to create cool lighting effects.

About Me

"Make everything as simple as possible, but not simpler." --Albert Einstein
Java PHP HTML CSS JavaScript SQL Angular JSON

Keep It Simple Stupid. That's my mantra. The End. :)

  • J2EE application design with a focus on WebSphere Application Server.

  • Angular development with experience in web application UX design.

  • Backend relational and NoSQL database development and optimization.

  • Responsive front end programming with jQuery and Bootstrap.

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